• All Pilots must be members of the Gliding Federation of Australia and provide relevant documentation.
  • Visiting pilots must be a member of an Australian gliding club.
  • International pilots must hold a GPC (see GFA website)
  • Pilots must attend the daily safety briefing.
  • Pilots must complete the local rules and procedures check list.
  • Check flights prior to commencement of hire period could be required (depending on pilot competencies and experience). TSC reserves the right to refuse the hire of gliders to customers.
  • It may be possible for non-independent operators to operate under the supervision of the Southern Riverina Gliding Club CFI.
  • 500 hours minimum experience required for LS8, ASW-28 and ASG-29 plus approval.
  • 1000 hours minimum experience required for Ventus 2CXT plus approval.
  • The use of Turbo’s during flights must be approved by TSC


  • 40% deposit is required to secure booking.
  • All bank transfer charges are payable by the customer.
  • In the case of non-flying days (days in which flights of two hours or more cannot be made) the customer pays for the first day non-flying day.

Insurance Excess

  • Excess is payable by the customer in the event of any damage.
  • DG 200 15/17 Cirrus, Nimbus 2, Kestrel 19 = $2000.
  • LS4, Discus B, Ventus B = $2500
  • LS8, ASW 28 = $2500
  • ASG-29 = $2500
  • Ventus 2CXT = $2500
  • Duo Discus = $3500

Aero tows

  • Minimum charge $45 to 1000 feet
  • $1.50 per 100 feet there after ( tug recorded height )
  • $7.00 per min for aero tow retrieves.


Unpowered Sailplanes
  • $1550 per year long term booking (ie 12 months)
  • $100 per week, if available.
  • $25 per day, if available.
  • $15 daily – Hardstand area (If not launching with TSC tow plane).
Powered Sailplanes & Powered Aircraft
  • $3 000 per year.

Trailer parking

  • $520 per year (if glider not hangared)

Caravan Sites

  • $22 per night
  • Longer available upon request

Prices listed are including GST.