Howdy Race Fans,

It is with regret that we have had to postpone the Club and Sports Class Nationals for this December. We feel the threat to competitors, volunteers, and supports is too high given the current Covid situation. It is also paramount that all pilots get an equal and fair opportunity to attend these Nationals without restrictions or isolation periods which prevent them attending.

The Club and Sports Class Nationals have been moved to Goondawindi and in late March at this stage pending further updates on the Covid situation.


On behalf of the team at Tocumwal Soaring Centre, welcome to Ingo Renner’s back yard! We are very excited to be given the opportunity to host the 2021 Club - Sports Class Nationals at Tocumwal, and look forward to seeing you all here.

We are hoping for a smoke free competition this time round with big wide thermals.

Keeping in mind the Covid-19 situation is still upon us currently, if there is another outbreak, border closures, and or state restrictions that may impact the competition, we reserve the right to reschedule the dates if required.

Safe, fast, fun competition is what we have set out to deliver, and encourage you all to play your part in this event.

This is a 7 day event with the practice day being Saturday the 12th of December, last competition day will be Saturday the 19th.

Early bird entry fee is $350 (which includes the ITC Levy) $400 after the 1st of November

NAB Bank

BSB 083 577

Account 789040674

Reference; Name and Rego

Tows are $60 each payable now or at registration (non-used will be reimbursed)

Contest Director is Lumpy 0487 531 265 and the Safety Director will be Greg Schmidt 0414747201.

Accommodation suggestions on our rules and info page.

Flashing lights are required on all vehicles airside (hazards lights not acceptable)

There are prickles on parts of the field so be warned (wing wheels and tail dollies) flat tyres.

The local rules and other associated documents will be posted soon.

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